Price list

How much do we cost?

We play fair so every client of ours receieves the same price conditions. We offer these packages:



2 hodiny lietania




3 hodiny lietania




Celý deň





Outside of Bratislava we charge travel expenses of 0,34€ / km.

VAT excluded. One day is from sunrise to sunset. According to project we charge for using of our devices from 50€ to 100€.

What is included?

Prices includes production of RAW aerial photo and video footage and our time spent on location.

S čím lietame?

DJI Inspire 2 RAW

  • Dolet: 20 minút
  • Rozlíšenie videa: 6K / 25fps
  • Formát: CinemaDNG RAW / ProRes 4444XQ / H265 / H264
  • Možnosť zmeny objektívu

DJI Mavic 3 Cine

  • Dolet: 40 minút
  • Rozlíšenie videa: 5.1K / 50fps
  • Formát: ProRes 422 / H264 / H265
  • Fixný objektív

What about photo and video editing?

We can do postproduction of our footage if requested by our cliets in our in-house studio. So what is the process?



1. Music selection

Correctly chosen music is a half of the success of every video. It gives videos base emotion, that carries through whole produced piece. Before start of post-production we give our clients customized choice of music from audio library.



2. Editing

After music is chosen and clear concept is receieved from our client, we prepare edit for you to review and feedback. Then we finalize the video with necessary special and sound effects.

Bratislavský Skypark




When final edit is set, we do colorgrading. Your footage receieves coloring, contrasts and depth that every footage deserves. We do colograding on professional calibrated 4K monitors.

Bratislavský Skypark



4. 2D / 3D animations

If required we can also create 2D animations – opening logo animation, text tracking attached to 3D space, or titles in the corner of the video. We can also create 3D visualizations into our footage. We can place your 3D building render into our shots utilizing tracking, compositing and retouch.



5. Final render

When final edit is confirmed by our clinet, we render final video in highest quality formats for online, social and TV channels. You then receieve final render from us via cloud services.

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